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Fez PS3 Review

boxart game
Fez is an important game. Not because it is innovative, not because it is all that fun, but because it was a game that defined the indie genre’s late 2000’s and early 2010’s rise to mainstream prominence and popularity. Fez was another poster child for the indie revolution, it ticked all the right boxes for the indie games fans, it had a nostalgic look that reminded them of ‘the good ole days’, it had a unique game mechanic that ‘innovates’ the genre and it was made on a shoe-string budget over about 5 years in development. It had all the makings of an indie darling and there was a moment where it blew up big and quickly things imploded due to embarrassing public outrages from creator Phil Fish tarnished the reputation of developer Polytron and the game itself.

Here we are now with the game at long last making the leap across platforms to PlayStation, launching on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 an PS Vita. The game remains unchanged since its initial launch and a question overhangs this release: was it worth the wait?

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