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Star Wars TOR Server Transfers

After the initial hype of Star Wars The Old Republic the server populations have dropped dramatically. Every server in TOR is a little bit different but they are getting so low on many servers it is hard to find groups for even the flashpoint quests. Luckily the developers of Star Wars TOR heard the calls from their fans to merge servers.

The developers of Star Wars TOR are not automatically merging servers though. Is what they are doing is offering free server transfers for anyone that wants to go to a designated server. Most on these servers are moving but for the time being they are not forcing there players to move. Currently each server only has one that it can be transferred too but the developers for Star Wars TOR are saying they may offer open server transfers in the future. At this point it is about condensing populations and they will probably let players move to any server at a later date. This will be great to let people move servers to where they want to so they can play with friends.

I have transfered one of my characters, who was a guild leader, and the process is quite easy.

  1. Make sure your Inbox is cleared out.
  2. Make sure your GTN listings are canceled and collected.
  3. Make sure your items are out of the Guild Bank. (Customer Service can start your guild bank on the new server.)
  4. Transfer leadership of the guild to another. I transferred it to an alt that will remain on the server so any players that return will see the MOTD and know how and where to find the guild.
  5. Take screen shots of the guild roster including those that are not online. This way you can easily add them to your friends list post transfer.
  6. Quit the game.
  7. Go to your account on account.swtor.
  8. Go through the character transfer wizard.

I was able to transfer a character easily without issues. From hitting the “transfer” button to logging into the new Star Wars TOR server with that character took less then two minutes.

So far I am quite impressed with the speed and the ease of the character transfers.

Thanks Star Wars TOR developers for listening to your players and giving us the ability to move and consolidate to servers so we can continue to enjoy Star Wars The Old Republic.

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